4 Tips Every Airsoft Noobie Should Know

Starting out in the exciting sport of airsoft can be tough for rookies with there being so much to information to absorb but with these tips we hope your quest to be the best will be easier. Every player has to start at the beginning to reach the top. With these tips, your starting off will be simpler.

Mentor: Having a mentor can guide you to information needed to get you started. They can also teach you skills needed to be good in this sport. Okay. If a mentor isn’t an option find some friends or make new friends that have experience, who want to share and help you get started.tips for airsoft noobs

Gear: With you having a mentor or friends knowledgeable in airsoft, finding the gear needed will be simple. They will tell you were and what to buy. here is a simple list of gear you’ll need so you’ll know a little about what to ask them. The first piece of gear you’ll need is an airsoft gun. Don’t go to expensive! All you need is one to practice with. Ideal one that cost between $35 to $90 should work. Read our post on Are Cheap Airsoft Guns Reliable?

Experience: After buying your gear and knowing more about the sport, the time has come to get some experience under your belt. We recommend rounding up a few friends and finding a safe place to play some simple airsoft games. This will allow you to receive instincts on different circumstances.

Learn From Mistakes: Are you ready to improve your skills? We recommend after every game to reply different situations thinking about the mistakes made. Knowing the mistakes will help you not to make the mistakes in the next game; however, never be to hard on yourself. This tip is to aid the growing process in your skills not to discourage you. It might even help asking your teammates for helpful tips.

Even though, we didn’t mention one other crucial tip, which is “To always have fun!” It is just as important as the others. So… Get out there and have fun in this exciting sport of airsoft.


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