Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles of 2015

Time to be a part of the action as the “Game Is On” with the amazing sports sniper rifles by Airsoft. These awesome sniper rifles give you an edge over the enemy team as they are designed to cover long ranges with extreme accuracy. So take some cover and take out the opponents one by one with your very own Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

With the use of a sniper rifle, you have more chances to survive the game and can win this thing by totally remaining hidden and hitting the enemy team from far away. We have researched the market and have put up all the data in a comparison chart so that you can find all the best options in one place. These rifles come with spring powered, gas operated or even battery operated action system, so you can choose the best airsoft sniper rifle as per your needs.

The following chart has Airsoft sniper rifles with different price tags, so ultimately you can find the best sniper rifle which is within your price range.

Note: Click on any one of below to get the pricing and detailed reviews.

utg-300x172 UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle Spring 20 rounds 480 4.4
zm51-300x163 Spring ZM51 FPS-415 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle Spring 20 rounds 415 4
recruit-300x88 Crosman Recruit Multi-Pump .177 caliber Pellet & BB Rifle air rifle with scope Pneumatic 20 rounds 680 4.7
gen5-300x137 UTG Gen 5 AccuShot Competition Master Sniper Rifle Bolt Action 60 rounds 400 4
Mini-Unseen-188-Spring-Airsoft-Gun-Sniper-FPS-250-with-Bi-Pod1-300x169 Mini Unseen 188 Spring Airsoft Gun Sniper FPS-250 w/ Bi-Pod Spring 20 rounds 250 4.1
GF700PSS-300x95 Game Face GF700PSS Sniper Airsoft Rifle airsoft gun Bolt Action 30 rounds 410 4.5

The Sniper rifles included on this chart are actually some of the best on Amazon as per user’s ratings. Obviously it is not possible to list out all the sniper rifles in one place but we brought up 6 best Airsoft sniper rifles which have been outstanding in the field. We have also tried to list out the rifles on the basis of varying prices so that you people can choose the one that fits in your budget.


What is an Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Airsoft Sniper Rifles are non-lethal firearms that are an exact replica of the real sniper rifles that are used by the Armed forces of various countries or that you must have seen in action and shooting games. The purpose of these rifles is to provide a thrilling real-like experience to the players who may be combating in a game just like a real war. Obviously it is illegal for the public to use the real firearms so these Airsoft Sniper Rifles are used.

They are totally non-lethal and made in a sense so that nobody gets hurt during gameplay but yes necessary precautions should be taken so as to avoid any mishap or injury.

Besides recreational activities, airsoft rifles are widely used by Military in their simulations as these weapons are totally non-lethal and realistic enough to get the practice going. Hollywood movie industry also uses airsoft sniper rifles and guns to avoid any on-set mishap.

Which Airsoft Sniper Rifle suits you?

Well it all depends on what you want to achieve. As a rookie, you would want to get your hands dirty with a rifle that is comparatively cheaper but still look out for the quality as you don’t want to throw away your money. Don’t just buy an airsoft product by just watching a random video, do a bit of research and this is why we have put together all the info in a comparison chart so that you can compare for yourself.

Reviews of the Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Rifles:

Although the above mentioned Airsoft Sniper Rifles are the best ones that we have selected for you but to dig more deep, we have prepared a full review of the Top 5 Best Sniper Rifles that are our personal favorites. Please have a look.

CYMA Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle


This Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is one of the best we have seen so far in the bolt action series. You can shoot up to 500 feet with extreme accuracy as it is equipped with 4×32 Rifle scope mounted at the top. The adjustable bipod makes it easy to aim and shoot. It is a composition of both metal and plastic and is highly safe to use. You will find many other accessories along with the rifle in the box. The accessories include:

  • A Magazine
  • A metal adjustable Bi-Pod
  • 4×32 Scope for shooting at larger ranges
  • Mounting For Scope on top
  • Lens Cover to protect the scope when not in use
  • Unjamming Rod
  • Pack of ammo

Read Review and Check Price on Amazon

Crosman Phantom 1000 FPS .177 Break Barrel Air Rifle


The Crosman phantom is basically an air rifle which is modified to break barrel user. It can shoot up to a velocity of 1000 feet per second which is pretty amazing. The fiber optic sight is very accurate and clear. It includes a steel barrel, a front sight (fiber optic) and a micro sight also. Its trigger is adjustable so you can adjust it to two stages for the convenience of the shooter. The material used for the production is totally synthetic. The scope has a visibility of 4x32mm.


  • Spring powered action
  • 0.177 caliber rifle
  • Up to 1,000 feet per second
  • 6 pound weight
  • 44.5-inch total length
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Fiber optic sights (front and rear)

Read Review and Check Price on Amazon

TSD Tactical SD97 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This bolt-action rifle can shoot with a velocity of 550 fps, which is pretty decent.  The accuracy and high power firing velocity makes it one of the best airsoft sniper rifles we have experienced so far.  It is composed of metal and ABS plastic. The adjustable shoulder rest scope and bipod mount are pretty handy when shooting.


  • 6mm Caliber
  • Up to 550 FPS Velocity
  • Adjustable Buttplate
  • Bolt-Action
  • Manual Safety
  • Scopeable
  • 46 inch overall length
  • 9.95 pound in weight

Read Review and Check Price on Amazon

Crosman Recruit Multi-Pump .177 caliber Pellet & BB Rifle air rifle with scope


The Crosman Recruit is yet another exciting rifle by the Crosman Company. This is a .177 caliber sniper rifle which has the firing velocity of up to 645 feet per second when pellets are used and it can go around 680 feet per second with the use of BBs. The 4x15mm fiber optic scope (front and rear) is simply superb. All in all, you won’t find any other best Airsoft sniper rifle in such cheap rates.


  • Pneumatic power source to fire
  • Cross bolt safety
  • 0.177 caliber rifle
  • 645 FPS firing velocity with pellets and 680 FPS when BBs are used
  • 4x15mm Fiber optic sights (front and rear)

Read Review and Check Price on Amazon

A&K SVD Dragunov Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle


This is the exact replica of the real model and as far as performance is concern, it is absolutely accurate and can with a velocity of 500 FPS. Its long barrel is specially designed to shoot at larger ranges. It is composed of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic which makes it a tough toy. It also includes rail attachment to mount the telescope sight.


  • Long Barrel (total length=4 feet)
  • About 500+ fps firing velocity
  • Totally spring operated
  • Single action rifle
  • Full metal rifle

Types Of Airsoft Sniper Rifles:

Airsoft sniper rifles are great choice when it comes to adventure sports. Talking about types of airsoft sniper rifle, there are mainly three types which are different due to the fact that they are powered with different techniques. These include gas powered, spring powered and electric airsoft rifles. Their mechanism and way of working is given below:

  • Spring: The spring power sniper rifles use a spring to give a thrust to the plastic BBs. Once a single fire is shot, the sniper will have to cock the rifle again in order to fire the shot again. Thus you can only fire one shot at a time so they are totally manual. These type of airsoft rifles are usually cheaper in price but are a good option if you are new to this game.
  • Gas: As the name suggests, the gas operated airsoft guns use compressed gas which is filled in a can. When you pull the trigger the gas in the can gives a push to the plastic pellet and they are fired at a very high speed. This gas stored in the gas is a mixture of CO2, HFCl3 and Nitrogen. These rifles have an edge over the spring rilfes as you don’t have to cock the gun each time so they are categorized as semi-automatic. They can fire at very long range and with a much greater force then spring airsoft arms.
  • Electric: This toy uses electric rechargeable battery to shoot the pellets. A spring connected to the battery gives a push to the pellets each time the trigger is pulled. This is so far the best among the three types of airsoft sniper rifles. Electric rifles are also semi-automatic, means that you don’t have to manually cock the rifle again and again after each shot.

Main Advantages of Gas Operated Airsoft Rifles:

  • They offer much superior power
  • They are Semi-automatic
  • Thy can fire upto 400 feet per second and even more
  • They are super accurate
  • Most of these guns are made of metal so they are more reliable
  • When it comes to looks, they are mostly the exact replicas of the real guns.

Of course there are a few cons of gas operated sniper rifles. Major disadvantage is that you have to refuel the gun with the gas as the gas ultimately ends. Also they are much costly due to their superior quality and reliability. But if you are looking for a better experience you might not let the cost come in way.

Main Advantages of  Electric Airsoft Rifle:

  • They are very much durable
  • Battery is rechargable
  • You can fire up to an amazing speed of 500 FPS
  • They are super accurate and have top notch performance.

Electric Airsoft Rifles have a very few disadvantages. You can run out of battery when the ultimate battle is in progress. Also in damp conditions, this tool doesn’t work very well. But overall it provides a far better experience in terms of accuracy, durability and speed.

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