Repairing Cheap Airsoft Guns

How to Repair a Cheap Airsoft Gun

Sometimes when you buy a cheap airsoft gun or got one used really cheap, they don’t have the durability or the warranty that a more expensive airsoft gun. Sometimes a shooter just shoots hard and often and it causes a lot of wear and tear on his gun. Paying someone else to repair an airsoft gun can increase the expense of the sport and defeats the purpose of buying a cheap airsoft gun. It is recommended that airsoft gun shooters learn how to doctor their airsoft guns at home. Even the airsoft enthusiast who has a good size budget will benefit from repairing his or her own guns because of the satisfaction of doing it and it will keep the available funds for airsoft guns available for a great deal or other purchase.

Some parts just wear out and there is nothing you can do about it. Usually you can prevent or postpone doing repairs on an airsoft gun with proper gun maintenance. This is true for cheap or expensive airsoft guns. Simple things like keeping your gun clean, storing it properly, keeping it lubed, resetting the piston head, and use high quality ammunition. When shooting with an automatic, avoid long auto-firing; it is best to shoot in 3-5 second bursts. This will keep the motor and gearbox from burning out.

Another way to avoid making repairs too often is to your cheap airsoft gun is to treat your gun with respect. It is not a real gun and will not withstand being abused, even the airsoft guns that are made out of metal. Metal airsoft guns are more durable, but after you spend the extra money to buy one, there is even more reason to be careful with your airsoft gun.

Before your cheap airsoft gun breaks down, it is wise to be familiar with some of the repairs you can do yourself. You can find repair information in the following places:

If you are having trouble with your gun, ask around, you probably aren’t the first airsoft gun owner to have the problem.

You will need to know the following to be able to repair your own airsoft gun:

  • How to disassemble and assemble your gun
  • Troubleshoot / diagnose
  • Part names
  • Where to purchase replacement parts

It is important to have a place to work on your gun that won’t be disturbed so that tiny parts are not lost. Taking a picture of the gun before disassembly and along the way may be helpful when reassembling the gun.

When deciding to repair your own cheap airsoft gun, one of the best resources online are repair videos. It will make repairing your airsoft gun understandable. After watching a video, you will have a better idea if it is something you can do yourself cheap, or if it might be best to pay an airsoft gun repair shop. You may even decide to cut your losses and buy a new or used airsoft gun instead of doing the repair yourself.

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