Cheap Airsoft Guns

Types of Inexpensive Airsoft Guns

The biggest question on any shopper’s mind is how to find and get the cheapest deals. The same can be said about people shopping for cheap airsoft gear as they are also in the lookout for the best possible bargain.

Luckily enough the cost required for owning an airsoft gun doesn’t require one to have to break their bank as they can get the most exciting deals at a very modest and attractive price.

The airsoft gun that one can own basing on quality as well as its features depends on the individual’s budget. All in all there are three basic types of airsoft guns and are priced in the low to medium range. They are:

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

The spring powered guns or the springers are the cheapest airsoft guns one can possibly get. An interior spring discharges the pellet from the gun. They’re single shot guns which means one will need to reload the gun each time they wish to fire one of the plastic BBs. This can get infuriating at times but these guns can be purchased for just a few dollars.

Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

The gas powered models have an additional feature and that is its ability of automatic fire. With a gas powered airsoft rifle or pistol one doesn’t need to reload the gun each time as the built in gas charge is present. The gas powered guns are very powerful compared to other guns such as the spring powered ones and are also quite expensive as well. The additional power lends the gas powered guns more realistic features.

Electric Airsoft Guns

The electric airsoft guns also known as Airsoft Electric gun or AEG are the most sophisticated of the various airsoft guns. The AEGs have a built in motor that is very small yet powerful and is responsible for powering the fire mechanism. These guns also have a spring that in fact is controlled by an electronic motor and thus attains maximum range of automatic firing compared to the spring powered guns that are manually operated.

The superlative fragment is that the electric airsoft guns are loaded with tiny paintballs. But it should be handled with care as a breakage of a single paintball inside the AEG will lead to clogging and the entire set up would need a thorough cleaning.

One has made a proper choice whether cheap is good or not. Since it may so happen that if your are too keen on the price the quality gets affected. So instead one should look for value for money and the features that suit them the most when buying cheap airsoft guns. You can buy an airsoft gun for less than $20. That doesn’t mark it cheap – just precise decent value for money. Regardless of the cost of the airsoft gun others will also be tempted to own such a tool.

Cheap Airsoft Electric Guns

How to Find Inexpensive Electric Airsoft Guns

Finding cheap airsoft electric guns is not a daunting task, especially for those teens that are looking for real excitement along with a lot of exhilarating fun. These electric guns may look like complicated weapons, but they are very easy to operate. Although a number of higher-end guns are available in the market that are very much expensive, it is always wise to find a cheap airsoft electric guns easily on any online store, as to simply purchase and enjoy a real airsoft gun one does not have to spend all the fortune amount.

Before even purchasing inexpensive airsoft electric guns, it is always advisable to make a deep and detailed study of the product and its type along with the operating guide lines. If speaking of the airsoft electric guns, they may fall under many different categories depending upon the design and its operation. It all depends upon the inner mechanisms that operate the gun. The more complicated they are, the more expensive the gun is.

These cheap airsoft electric guns are amongst the most popular type with the grown ups and teens. They are simply very much responsible for the explosive growth of the sport around the globe. One of these cheap airsoft electric guns has a built in electric motor which simply compresses and expands the piston and further forcing it to release. The entire system is simply rechargeable battery operated. With the turning of the gear, the piston simply creates a blast of air that is good enough to propel a 6mm plastic capsule bullet. The gun is in fact so automated that it can simply rapid fire a number of rounds.

There are also gas powered airsoft electric guns available that simply uses compressed air to rapid fire. The compressed air also manages to return the slide back to the normal position after firing. They simply add a lot of fun to the game and may be less expensive when compared to the battery operated ones. These blowbacks simply start costing around $40 onwards. Some of these guns are also available as springers. These are the most common type of cheap airsoft electric gun and also considered as the original model of airsoft guns.

They use a spring mechanism to fire and practically need to be cocked back after each and every fire. Due to the simplicity of their design, these types are usually the most inexpensive types. These types are also considered as the best for entry level. Such models can be easily purchased for as low as $20. Most of the players at some point of their learning must have owned one of these. These springers are commonly tagged as guns for newbies. So, if one is really interested in buying a cheap AEG, then the value for money must be kept in mind. Purchasing a springer does not mean purchasing a cheap quality gun. So, a simple 20 dollar springer is a good value for your money.

Cheap Airsoft Shotguns

Buying an Inexpensive Airsoft Shotgun

Like with most things in life…you get what you pay for. When you buy a cheap airsoft rifle you will probably get a cheaply made product. Everyone wants a deal and everyone wants to find cheap airsoft shotguns. If you want to go real cheap try the dollar store! If you are a little more serious about airsoft rifle shooting, there are cheap quality airsoft shotguns available, you just need to do a little more work to find one.

Airsoft gun enthusiasts look for cheap airsoft shotguns for different reasons. Some airsoft gun shooters have their main airsoft gun collection and the shotgun is an “extra” so they don’t want to spend too much on a shotgun because the bulk of their budget goes to their main collection of airsoft guns. The airsoft gun beginner will usually start out slow in airsoft gun spending until they are certain they like the sport, so they will look for cheap airsoft shotguns. When the economy is bad, discretionary money that is available is limited because people have to work hard just for the necessities. When there is some extra money or money has been saved for an airsoft shotgun purchase, the search begins for a cheap gun.

During times of a poor economy, there are many opportunities to purchase quality cheap airsoft shotguns. Here are some of the reasons that cheap airsoft rifles can be purchased more easily during when there is a poor economy:

  • Airsoft rifles are not considered a necessity
  • Airsoft rifles are fairly easy to sell item
  • Airsoft rifles are a high demand item
  • New airsoft rifles can be expensive
  • Airsoft rifle sales drop so there are more sales

During any economy there are always sales. Sale prices for airsoft rifles can be found because of overstock or because a new model was introduced. There are the airsoft gun enthusiasts who can afford to constantly upgrade and will sell an older airsoft shotgun at a cheap price. Airsoft gun stores and online airsoft gun websites need to move the older models out to make room for the newer models. The older airsoft shotguns will often have a cheap price, but these shotguns are often of high quality.

Some places may offer deals for airsoft shotguns bought in bulk. See if the shotgun you are interested in is offered at a discount. Then search for teammates or airsoft field mates who may be interested in purchasing the airsoft shotgun for the cheaper price. Newspapers, airsoft gun sites, and places like Craigslist often have cheap airsoft shotguns listed.

Use common sense and always use caution when purchasing used items. If you are new to purchasing airsoft shotguns, ask for purchasing help from a fellow airsoft gun enthusiast who has experience. If you can’t meet with the seller in person, try to get references and pay with a secure means like Paypal. Get a receipt for your purchase. Consider the cost of shipping and handling in the price to determine if you are still getting a deal and you are really buying the airsoft rifle at a cheap price.

It takes a little more work, but you can buy quality airsoft shotguns cheap.

Repairing Cheap Airsoft Guns

How to Repair a Cheap Airsoft Gun

Sometimes when you buy a cheap airsoft gun or got one used really cheap, they don’t have the durability or the warranty that a more expensive airsoft gun. Sometimes a shooter just shoots hard and often and it causes a lot of wear and tear on his gun. Paying someone else to repair an airsoft gun can increase the expense of the sport and defeats the purpose of buying a cheap airsoft gun. It is recommended that airsoft gun shooters learn how to doctor their airsoft guns at home. Even the airsoft enthusiast who has a good size budget will benefit from repairing his or her own guns because of the satisfaction of doing it and it will keep the available funds for airsoft guns available for a great deal or other purchase.

Some parts just wear out and there is nothing you can do about it. Usually you can prevent or postpone doing repairs on an airsoft gun with proper gun maintenance. This is true for cheap or expensive airsoft guns. Simple things like keeping your gun clean, storing it properly, keeping it lubed, resetting the piston head, and use high quality ammunition. When shooting with an automatic, avoid long auto-firing; it is best to shoot in 3-5 second bursts. This will keep the motor and gearbox from burning out.

Another way to avoid making repairs too often is to your cheap airsoft gun is to treat your gun with respect. It is not a real gun and will not withstand being abused, even the airsoft guns that are made out of metal. Metal airsoft guns are more durable, but after you spend the extra money to buy one, there is even more reason to be careful with your airsoft gun.

Before your cheap airsoft gun breaks down, it is wise to be familiar with some of the repairs you can do yourself. You can find repair information in the following places:

If you are having trouble with your gun, ask around, you probably aren’t the first airsoft gun owner to have the problem.

You will need to know the following to be able to repair your own airsoft gun:

  • How to disassemble and assemble your gun
  • Troubleshoot / diagnose
  • Part names
  • Where to purchase replacement parts

It is important to have a place to work on your gun that won’t be disturbed so that tiny parts are not lost. Taking a picture of the gun before disassembly and along the way may be helpful when reassembling the gun.

When deciding to repair your own cheap airsoft gun, one of the best resources online are repair videos. It will make repairing your airsoft gun understandable. After watching a video, you will have a better idea if it is something you can do yourself cheap, or if it might be best to pay an airsoft gun repair shop. You may even decide to cut your losses and buy a new or used airsoft gun instead of doing the repair yourself.

Buying Cheap Airsoft Guns

 How to Find a Cheap Airsoft Gun

Cheap Airsoft Guns are Here, There, and Everywhere

There are more options than ever when it comes to buying inexpensive airsoft pistols, shotguns, and rifles. This is to the airsoft gun shooter’s advantage because when there is competition, it is reflected in cheaper airsoft gun prices. Of course, when buying the highest quality airsoft guns, you should still expect to put out some cash, but it will still be less than when there was little competition among airsoft gun retailers. In addition to competition, it costs less to manufacture airsoft guns than it did in the past, so air soft guns are available at cheaper prices even though demand has risen.

When buying a cheap airsoft gun, do some research before opening up your wallet. Start with talking to fellow airsoft gun enthusiasts and then head over to your local airsoft gun dealers. After that, go to your computer to compare prices and see what is being said on airsoft gun forums about where to buy cheap airsoft guns and which airsoft guns are cheap. If you find that the airsoft gun of choice isn’t available cheap enough anywhere to fit into your budget, consider buying a used airsoft gun.


When shooting out on the field, during breaks, talk to your fellow airsoft gun enthusiasts to see where they are buying their guns cheap and which cheap airsoft guns are the best value. Learn from others. Getting some input from those you shoot with could prevent making costly mistakes.


If you are going to a place like Kmart, Target, or Walmart for your airsoft gun purchases, ask who in the sporting goods department is most knowledgeable about airsoft guns and talk to that associate. When you shop locally for cheap airsoft guns you don’t have to pay shipping and handling fees. Even if they don’t have the best prices on airsoft rifles and pistols, you can familiarize yourself with the accessories that are available and prices. Often purchasing lower cost items locally is cheaper, even if the prices is higher because there are no shipping and handling fees added to the actual cost of the item.


When buying cheap airsoft guns online, be sure to buy from reputable online companies. One of the most important things to know is their return policy in the event the cheap airsoft gun arrives and it isn’t quite what you expected. When comparing prices of airsoft guns before buying one online, be sure to include the cost of shipping and handling. Look at the estimated delivery date, add a few days in case there is a delay, and then decide if it will arrive by the date that you need your new gun.


Used airsoft guns will be cheaper to buy than new airsoft guns. When purchasing used airsoft guns, you can start with the bulletin board at your local airsoft gun field or sporting goods store. The newspaper and Craig’s List are good sources to find used airsoft guns, also. Avoid being ripped off on line by following basic guidelines like never sending cash, money orders, or cashier checks to buy an airsoft gun or any other item.

Don’t buy the first airsoft gun you see or fall in love with, shop around to find a good quality cheap airsoft gun.

To learn more about airsoft guns, you can go to airsoft guns site. There is also more about cheap airsoft guns, how to care for your airsoft guns, and the most popular airsoft games, which you can play with your friends.

Are Cheap Airsoft Guns Reliable?

How Reliable Are Inexpensive Airsoft Guns?

There has always been controversy when players are shopping for cheap airsoft guns. The question is, how cheap can the airsoft gun be but still be reliable. Players expect to be able to purchase at the best possible deal without losing reliability. Investing in an inexpensive airsoft gun does’t have to annihilate the cash in your wallet. Manufacturers are able to develop Airsoft guns at low prices without sacrificing the quality and power.

Most players say, Higher the price of the Airsoft gun equals higher quality. Think about that last statement. Is it completely true? Lets use an example; we have Ted and Ryan. Ted decides to by the newest Electric M16 Assault Rifle FPS 225 Airsoft gun on the market for $54.99, seeing that it is hot and fresh off the market he is paying extra to be one of the first ones to have it. Than we have Ryan, who decided to wait a few months to buy the Electric M16 Assault Rifle FPS 225. He was also in luck because the Airsoft gun just went on sale for $35.00. Now the question is did Ted get a higher quality Airsoft gun compared to Ryan. The obvious answer is of course not. Even thought he paid more he still got the same quality of Airsoft gun. So next time you hear the statement, Higher price equals Higher quality. Just ask yourself is it true? Of course with anything something could be cheap for one player but be expensive for reliable airsoft guns

Where to buy Cheap Airsoft Guns?

Searching for the best deal on cheap Airsoft guns can be rough but possible. As a player you should know what feature you want before buying a cheap Airsoft gun. For example, would you want high FPS and power or you care about lightweight, accuracy and mobility. Or is it revered. Only you can figure out that. The good news is that when it comes to purchasing inexpensive Airsoft guns, you have the option to use the Internet to find the best deals for your budget. A few recommended places to get you started are:


These websites should allow you to price around and find what you want for your budget but keep in mind that these are some of the more known places but don’t limit yourself to only these websites. On that we have found to be nice is, buy Airsoft guns, even though it’s a small site it has some nice deals.

All Airsoft guns are not created equal; as a result, when you’re shopping for very cheap airsoft guns without sacrificing reliability our recommendation is to price around and find the best deal. After that keeping an eye on sales from different places; websites, local stores, friends, and fields is a must because at one time or another that cheap Airsoft gun that is on sale was priced higher.

4 Tips Every Airsoft Noobie Should Know

Starting out in the exciting sport of airsoft can be tough for rookies with there being so much to information to absorb but with these tips we hope your quest to be the best will be easier. Every player has to start at the beginning to reach the top. With these tips, your starting off will be simpler.

Mentor: Having a mentor can guide you to information needed to get you started. They can also teach you skills needed to be good in this sport. Okay. If a mentor isn’t an option find some friends or make new friends that have experience, who want to share and help you get for airsoft noobs

Gear: With you having a mentor or friends knowledgeable in airsoft, finding the gear needed will be simple. They will tell you were and what to buy. here is a simple list of gear you’ll need so you’ll know a little about what to ask them. The first piece of gear you’ll need is an airsoft gun. Don’t go to expensive! All you need is one to practice with. Ideal one that cost between $35 to $90 should work. Read our post on Are Cheap Airsoft Guns Reliable?

Experience: After buying your gear and knowing more about the sport, the time has come to get some experience under your belt. We recommend rounding up a few friends and finding a safe place to play some simple airsoft games. This will allow you to receive instincts on different circumstances.

Learn From Mistakes: Are you ready to improve your skills? We recommend after every game to reply different situations thinking about the mistakes made. Knowing the mistakes will help you not to make the mistakes in the next game; however, never be to hard on yourself. This tip is to aid the growing process in your skills not to discourage you. It might even help asking your teammates for helpful tips.

Even though, we didn’t mention one other crucial tip, which is “To always have fun!” It is just as important as the others. So… Get out there and have fun in this exciting sport of airsoft.


Classic Army CA90 AEG

One of the most unique airsoft guns on the market today, the Classic Army CA90 is a soft air replica of FN’s P90 Personal Defense Weapon. This PDW weapon system was designed to be powerful yet compact and easy to carry. It goes up against the H&K MP5 in it’s original firearm version and does so as well on many airsoft fields worldwide. This airsoft submachine gun is specialized for CQB skirmishes and is not designed to be a long range shooter. Powered by Ni-Mh batteries, this AEG can shoot from 300 to 320 fps depending on the weight of the BBs used.

SIG Sauer P210 Airsoft Pistol Review

This gas-powered blowback pistol is comes from SIG Sauer’s well acclaimed line of airsoft guns. The design of the original was focused on accuracy as this is a long-barrel pistol. A proper lock between the slide and the barrel assembly was a key factor in the original that has been transferred to this airsoft version well. Standard from the factory you’ll find an integrated manual safety and an included 12-round magazine. Field stripping is simple and requires no tools. US versions of this airsoft gun always come equipped with the orange safety tip.

Remington Wingmaster Airsoft Shotgun

The Remington 870 series of pump-action shotguns is the one of the best-selling guns of all time. These airsoft guns from Remington feature realistic performance as well as styling. Produced as a 1:1 replica, these airsoft shotguns incorporate a spring-loaded reservoir which holds up to 30 plastic BBs. It delivers impressive power as it is able to fire shots at up to 325 fps. Available in both black and clear color schemes.